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    Invest your spare Crypto
    and Fiat Change

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    Make Investing Effortless

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    Small Change Adds Up

    Invest spare change from everyday purchases

    into a diversified portfolio of your choosing.

Welcome to Micro Investing

Every purchase you make can become an investment in your future with just 3 easy steps:


Connect your wallets

Connect your cryptocurrency wallets and debit/credit cards.


Make a Purchase

Spend like normal. You can determine which purchases to round up and by how much.


Invest your Skraps

Then, your spare change is invested into portfolios based on your risk aversion.

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See what’s included in the App

Cryptocurrency Returns

Become a Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Management

Anyone can broadcast their high performing portfolios to the network and earn commissions from anyone who copies their portfolio.

Access Capital

Instead of spending time acquiring clients, portfolio managers instantly get access to the combined capital of the entire SKRAPS community.

Grow your Income

The more successful a portfolio is, the more subscribers they will acquire, increasing the potential of how much they can earn from their successful portfolio.

Earn +20% in Fees

Each user can easily setup a portfolio and earn additional income by allowing others to copy their portfolios.

Win-Win Solution


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