There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to the new Skraps platform. With more features being released, we’re picking our top 5 features Skraps offers to users. From the physical application to behind-the-scenes security, Skraps is an easily-accessible platform for users to begin their journey in cryptocurrency. While the Skraps mobile app isn’t live yet, the web app has just released a few more sections for users. Which brings us to the beginning of our feature list:

The App

1. Within the Skraps app is a leaderboard, because a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. This feature tracks and displays users with the most profitable portfolios, so you can let your hard work shine. Not on the leaderboard? No worries. Check out the next feature on our list…

2. The ability to copy portfolios means you gain access to the intel of cryptocurrency experts. See a top-performing portfolio on the leaderboard? This feature allows you to copy the exact portfolio and share in the successful investment. Additionally, leaderboard qualifiers profit from allowing other users to copy their portfolios. Everyone wins…literally.

3. Say it with me everyone, “I will not fall for a cryptocurrency scam on social media”. The days of illegitimate users spamming you with scam crypto offers are over. Skraps’ messaging feature allows users to message directly in the app, and our users are hand-vetted for authenticity and identity verification.

Behind the Scenes

4. Skraps top security feature is our 256-bit encryption. This advanced technique is defined as being practically impossible to hack, even on the fastest computers, as the combinations needed are far too many. We like security as much as we like cryptocurrency. If our users aren’t safe, we aren’t happy. Better yet, this feature runs in the background which means you don’t even have to do anything to take advantage of it.

5. Bringing us into the home stretch, our final listed feature is the extensive list of investment opportunities. Skraps isn’t the popular table in high school, we don’t just incorporate well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Our platform offers a large variety of crypto coins, which means your portfolio can be more diversified and not limited by trends.


All-in-all there’s an awful lot to look forward to with the new Skraps platform. Leaderboards, opportunities to profit, new friends, security, and diversity. Skraps really has thought of it all. While these listed features are really cool (and user-friendly) there are dozens more anticipated for the app. You can read more about features like our referral program and our micro-investing platform.

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