2211, 2018

4 mistakes crypto newcomers make

By |22 November 2018|

While most cryptocurrency applications are targeting seasoned cryptocurrency professionals, Skraps loves the beginners. Our mission is to provide an easily accessible cryptocurrency investing app, allowing anyone and everyone to easily invest in diversified portfolios of cryptocurrency. Not only do we want to give you the ...

711, 2018

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Beginner’s How To

By |07 November 2018|

While cryptocurrency can't be found on the shelves of your local grocery store and there might not be a Bitcoin exchange shop setting up in downtown, buying cryptocurrency is relatively easy. With only two easy steps, you can be the proud owner of cryptocurrency. First ...

3010, 2018

Mining Cryptocurrency: Creation of Coins

By |30 October 2018|

Mining cryptocurrency doesn't involve dozens of people miles underground chipping away at rocks to reveal the oh-so-treasured Bitcoin. Although the traditional definition of mining doesn't apply here; cryptocurrency mining is one of the aspects of crypto that doesn't seem to gain as much traction as ...