There’s a common theme among wealthy cryptocurrency investors and it’s all relative to how soon they invested or became involved in a project. Two age old sayings for you: the sooner the better and there’s no time like the present. While it makes sense to get involved early to have more time for reaping benefits; you can’t go back in time to the beginning of a project you didn’t invest in. So if you regret missing out on an initial opportunity, there’s no reason to not become involved if it’s still viable. Still skeptical of cryptocurrency investing? Take it from these three investors who have earned millions off of Bitcoin investing alone.


The Person: Eddy Zillan might not be much different than you besides his million dollar profit from cryptocurrency investments. Growing up as a teen in Ohio, he began searching around for ways to make more money at the age of 15. He was introduced to the rising world of cryptocurrency, snuck onto the Coinbase platform, and invested a small amount of money. His same-day profit had him hooked and he continued investing for the next three years. Today, at the age of 18, he acts as a cryptocurrency consultant and teaches others how he earned over $1 million in crypto investing.

The Lesson: Eddy Zillan recognized early on that he had to start somewhere. He took what he had and did what he could. By taking that first step, he started a journey into financial stability. While Zillan was on a lonely journey 3 years ago, cryptocurrency investment is a much busier field today. Also, luckily, there’s apps like Skraps which helps users invest in cryptocurrency using only the cash they have.

You can read more about Zillan, his team, and his services here.


The Person: Barry Silbert’s cryptocurrency story begins in 2012, when he invested in a very low-priced Bitcoin. After his initial investments peaked his interest, he also went on to invest in a young Ethereum coin before watching is increase to 90 times the initial value. Similar to our story of Zillan, Silbert got in on the cryptocurrency market early. He invested while prices were low and the market was questionable. He took a chance on crypto and witnessed an outstanding reward for testing the waters. Since then, Silbert has gone on to form his own companies like Digital Currency Group.

The Lesson: Not only did Silbert take a chance on the relatively new market, he also endured backlash throughout his journey in the crypto world. He’s been questioned, scrutinized, and his name has been dragged through the mud. Nevertheless, Silbert sticks up for cryptocurrency and for his companies. He stands by his choices and his opinions. Because of his persistence, he’s seen great returns and has angled himself as one of the most influential cryptocurrency professionals.

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 The Person: Last up, we’re introducing Erik Finman. If you’re already familiar with Finman, it’s no surprise he’s had great success in cryptocurrency investments. He uses his social media to flaunt his wealth and brag about the strength of the cryptocurrency world. Similar to Zillan’s story, Finman started young and worked with what he had. Well, technically he worked with what his grandma had. At the age of 12 his grandmother loaned him money to invest in the young Bitcoin market. He sold his investments a few years later when the market rose and he quickly began reaping the benefits. While Finman likes to boast online about his success, he has been known to discuss his long-term goals of making a real difference with the attention he receives.

The Lesson: Cryptocurrency is a movement, first and foremost. To reap the benefits of the crypto world, you first have to believe in the process. Finman took a chance on Bitcoin before it was in high demand. Because of his risk, he was able to secure both wealth and attention for future use. When it comes to investing, use what you have or borrow within reason.

You can get more details of Zinman’s journey here.


Feeling inspired yet? Still feeling skeptical? Many successful cryptocurrency investors also felt skeptical in the very beginning. That was before there were thousands of tutorials, consultants, and success stories. With apps like Skraps, our users can get started with investing without taking a huge financial risk.

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