The benefits of investing are widely known but few people actually do it. Investing will not only help you grow wealth but also encourage you to be financially responsible, saving and putting to work the funds you have for a better future.

This is so important for people from all walks of life. Even high earning individuals like celebrities or sports stars can end up with financial difficulties if they fail to act responsibly.

Despite this, as mentioned earlier many still fail to invest. Some common reasons people choose not to invest include:

  • Not having enough money.
  • Not having enough time.
  • Not having enough knowledge.
  • It’s too risky.

Now, when we look at some of the most popular forms of investing you can see how these problems arise:

  • Financial Markets (Stocks, Forex, etc) — Requires knowledge and time.
  • Property/Real Estate — Requires a large amount of capital.
  • Cryptocurrencies — Can be volatile and risky.

Crypto asset investing made simple

Here at Skraps our aim is to make crypto investing so simple that it’s accessible to everyone. Skraps is a micro-investing platform that does away with the different obstacles mentioned above.

The Skraps application allows its users to round-up any fiat or crypto related purchases and invest them in a crypto related portfolio. By doing this you are effectively investing the spare-change from your transactions.

Unlike the previously mentioned ways of investing, with Skraps there is no minimum amount of capital required. If you make a purchase at 0.39 ETH you can round it up to 0.4 ETH and that additional 0.01 ETH will be invested. Or, if you buy a coffee for $2.75, you can round up that transaction to $3.00 and the $.25 will be invested. Over time, these small investments add up!

Investing with Skraps does not take any additional amounts of your time and automatically becomes part of your normal spending behavior. No new knowledge is required to benefit from the application as your investments will go to a professionally managed portfolio.

Of course, every investment comes with a degree of risk. However, with Skraps you can choose between five different portfolios to suit your risk tolerance. Portfolios range from conservative to aggressive or somewhere in between. There’s also a leaderboard where users can list their portfolios for other users to view and copy.

With Skraps there is no longer any reason to not get started. Skraps enables you to get going with just a few clicks and become an investor in the exciting new world of crypto assets.