Micro-investing is a new form of investing that has only recently sprung out of the fintech sector. The way micro-investing works is you link your bank cards up with your micro-investing app so that every time you spend money, the app automatically rounds up your purchase to the nearest dollar and then takes that small amount and puts it into a pre-agreed diversified investment portfolio for you on your behalf.

This process is fully automated and thus allows individuals with little financial markets knowledge, as well as those who can only afford to put small amounts of money aside for investing, to become investors. Moreover, due to the power of compounding interest, the value of the portfolio will increase over time and can end up growing into a nice nest egg over the years.

This makes micro-investing particularly popular among young people who want to get started with investing but feel like they do not have the capital to put aside to do so. Micro-investing solves this issue.

The pioneer in the field of micro-investing in California-based fintech startup Acorns, which has received backing from the likes of PayPal, Bain Capital Ventures, and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures and now boasts a user base of over two million investors.

Acorns allows its users to connect their debit and credit cards to its app and automatically rounds up each payment to then put the small amounts into a diversified portfolio composed of stock, bond, and real estate ETFs in a fully automated fashion.

Skraps was rated a 9.4 out of 10 by FxHour

Skraps — Merging micro-investing with cryptocurrencies

The new blockchain startup Skraps is taking micro-investing to the next level by enabling investors to move away from low-yielding traditional asset classes to potentially high-yielding in cryptocurrencies instead. Skraps will set up a cryptocurrency portfolio for you that is tailored to your risk preference and then automatically invests the spare change of every purchase you make into this portfolio for you.

By combining micro-investing with cryptocurrencies, Skraps enables anyone to partake in the crypto markets and potentially generate very high returns on investment even with only small amounts of investable capital as there are no minimum investment requirements, and no minimum balances.

To learn more about Skraps and its upcoming initial coin offering check out www.skraps.io